Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mastercrafters Action Line Animated Clock Catalog Page from 1960

Click The Mastercrafters Motion Line Catalog Page Image to Enlarge!

Collectible Mastercrafters Action Line Animated Clocks shown in Full Color on a Gift Catalog Page from 1960. This Page features Many Classic Animated Mastercrafters Clocks, Including; The Church Ringing Animated Clock, The Perky The Percolator Coffee Pot Clock, The Classic Mastercrafters Fireplace Clock , Blacksmith Shop Clock and Swinging Pendulum Clock.

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From the Huge Catalog Archive of You Tube Celebrity Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia. The Fail Toy Reviewer of all the Worst Toys in History! Click Below to see the VERY WORST TOYS Ever Made! Can YOU Guess Which ones THOSE Toys Are?

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