Friday, January 29, 2010

Perky the Percolator Coffee Pot Mastercrafters Kitchen Animated Wall Clock from 1967 Catalog

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Very Clever Perky the Percolator Coffee Pot made by Mastercrafters.
Charming Kitchen Novelty, Animated Wall or Standing Clock with Real Perking
Action from 1967 Consumer Product and Gift Catalog.

Perky The Percolator Perking Kitchen Wall Clock was offered in Copper or Chrome Finish by Mastercrafters. Although this Adorable Mastercrafters Coffee Pot was known as a Wall Clock, Perky will also Stand quite nicely on a Shelf or Table top! A Corded Electric Mid Century Modern Clock with Sweep Second Hand.

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Another Unusual Novelty Clock Picture from the Historic Design Catalog Collection of Mike Mozart, The Famous Toy Reviewer and Internet Celebrity of Jeepersmedia on 
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